Thursday, September 29, 2011

A PAGE FROM HISTORY- Conversion by Force in China: Article by Brij Kishore Sharma

POPE John Paul II was friendly with dictators. He described Chile’s dictator Pinochet and his wife as an ‘exemplary Christian couple’. The Pope knew that Pinochet had murdered thousands of socialists and democrats. When the dictator was arrested in UK for crimes against humanity the Pope called for his release. He promoted the lie that condoms are useless in preventing HIV and AIDS. All rural African churches repeated this from the pulpit. God knows how many Africans were condemned to a slow and agonising death.

The Pope owns a bank called Banco Ambrosiano (Vatican bank). Its misdeeds were exposed in 1982. One director committed suicide after fleeing to London. Another fled to the USA but was caught and sent back for trial to Rome in 1996.

The Vatican supports its authority to rule in Rome on a document called Donation of Constantine also called Donatum Silvestri (Sylvester was the Pope at that time). This document was first relied on in 700 CE by Pope Stephen. Doubts were cast in the 15th century over the authenticity of the document. It was odd that Constantine gave authority over his capital New Rome (later known as Constantinople and now Istanbul) even before it was founded. By the 18th century it was generally accepted that the deed was a forgery. Voltaire called it the boldest and most magnificent forgery.

Conversion in China

In China the British, American and the French fought many battles with the Chinese. In 1724, the Chinese had prohibited conversion to Christianity. After winning the battles they dictated terms of treaties which invariably included a commitment to re-legalise Christianty in China. The French assumed responsibilities of the church. Till then the missionaries had their printing process etc. at nearby countries. They were swiftly planted in China by the London Missionary Society. Increasing number of missionaries were entering China and fanning out in the backward areas. In Beijing they removed the Chinese Gods from a temple and occupied it. This was an overnight surruptitous operation. Conversions mostly took place for economic benefits. The convert would give up local customs and traditions. This resulted in a reaction against Christianity. The tide of anger and resentment exploded as the Boxer rebellion of 1900. Thousands of foreigners well killed but ultimately the Chinese were defeated and humiliated. The retaliation by the western powers was extremely cruel and inhuman. Lacs of civilian Chinese were herded and exterminated.


India was a vast country with huge population so the British did not resort to conversion by sword as did the Muslims before them. But in the small enclave of the Portugese Goa things were quite different. Diago de Borda, a priest and his advisor Vicar General, Miguel Vazz prepared a 41-point plan for torturing the Hindus. The viceroy issued an order in 1566 to implement the plan. In 1567 a campaign was lodged and 300 temples were destroyed.

In the rest of India the Missionaries attempted to convert through English education. Macaulay’s minute expressly states that the purpose of English education is that there will not be a single idolator in the respectable classes of Bengal thirty years hence.

Government machinery including the judiciary was blatantly used for proselytisation. Choicest abuses and filthy language was used for Hindus and their Gods.


In the whole of North and South America crores of local inhabitants were mercilessly killed or converted. The ancient civilization of the Mayas, Incas and others were completely wiped out.

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