Saturday, December 31, 2011

Prof. Kazanas, open letter to Witzel on the Aryan invasion theory

Nicholas Kazanas was born in the Greek island Chios in 1939. He studied English Literature at University College, Economics and Philosophy at the School of Economic Science and Sanskrit at the School of Oriental and African studies - all in London; also post-graduate at SOAS and at Deccan College in Pune. (India)

He taught in London and Athens and since 1980 has been Director of Omilos Meleton Cultural Institute. In Greece he has published treatises of social, economic and philosophical interest. He has many publications in Western and Indian Journals and some books. He is on the Editorial Board of Adyar Library Bulettin (Chennai). He has also produced a three-year course of learning Sanskrit for Greeks.

From 1997 he has turned towards the Vedic Tradition of India and its place in the wider Indo-European culture. This research comprises thorough examination of Indo-European cultures, comparing their philosophical ideas and values, their languages, mythological issues and religions. He has also translated the ten principal Upanishads (ISA, KENA, KATHA, MANDUKYA, BrHADARANYAKA, etc) from the original Sanskrit text into Greek.

Prof. Kazanas is also a foremost authority in debunking the Aryan invasion theory (AIT) so stubbornly pervasive even today but dying a slow but sure death at the hands of such imminent and learned scholars. Prof. Kazanas has produced some very original works primarily because of his command over Sanskrit which allows him independent research of the Vedas and other scriptures written in archaic Sanskrit.

Below is a link to a letter written by Prof. Kazanas to Michael Witzel whose sole claim to fame is propagating the AIT and is probably the only infamous purveyor of this relic of the colonial era, he is also the villain and chief architect of the California text book controversy. I have read some early works of Witzel and at that time like our very own Romila Thappar was talking about the lack of horse remains found in the Saraswati and Indus civilization sites. He added to that, lack of chariots. But apart from that he has not come up with any credible defense in favour of the AIT in all these years. Prof. Kazanas also rips off the lone fig leaf he held on to regarding genetics and human migration. It has been recently been found through genetics and migration patterns that early humans migrated out of India and not the other way around. The rest is in the letter and other links I will post after I finish reading them. 

Radha this one is for you. You have another arrow in your quiver against the AIT.

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