Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ancient Vedic science can save nature, say experts

Vedic science can counter harms caused to nature by modern science. This was the theme of the third Vedic Science Day organised by Fergusson College, in association with the College of Engineering, Pune and Pradnya Vikas Shikshan Sanstha, Pune. 

Chief guest and University of Pune Vice-Chancellor R K Shevgaonkar, said, "This is a unique initiative to popularise the positive effects of Vedic science on environment. Western knowledge system demands a lot and does not give back anything. This trend of constantly taking from nature needs to be changed. There is also a need to be a bridge between modern and Vedic science.” 

Speaking of how modern science has affected nature, Shevgaonkar said, “The progress of modern science has been so rapid that nature could not sustain it. Had the developments taken place slowly, nature would have got the time to adapt and adjust itself. Since that did not happen, we need to build a bridge to decrease the ill-effects of science on nature.” 

BD Kulkarni, scientist, NCL, said, "The importance of sustainability lies in recycling and replenishing. Vedic science interprets things keeping man and nature in context adding a new dimension of spiritual discourse." Dr Shankarrao Gowarikar, another scientist said, "It is wrong to blame whatever mistakes our generation has made on science. Inventions have made life comfortable. Instead of blaming modern science, our efforts should be to create an aware youth who would not make the same mistakes we as a generation made."

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