Saturday, October 13, 2012

Environmental Science and Vedas

Owing to modern economics based on inert matter (economists are refusing to accept that matter has unsuspected vitality), wide spread dreaded, materialism, discursive intellectual knowledge based on sense perception and vested interest of both developed and developing nations, environmental science continues to remain in its infancy. It continues to ignore the fact that wide spread social, moral and physical pollution is affecting water, air, ether and even nations and societies. Thus our divine planet is no longer the benign Mother Earth but a quarry for material exploitation.
Owing to what we call “Progress” and “Modernity”, to day over 40 aircrafts are taking off per minute around the globe. Over a billion vehicles, engines etc are using/burning colossal amount of fossil fuel –the resulting accumulation of Green House gases is mind boggling. Burning of fossil fuel to trade goods including agricultural commodities is fast bringing the world to a tipping point. Our life style has made “Food” to travel a few thousands of miles before it reaches our tables.  
Cause: The modern social, economic and political theories of dreaded Materialism based on inert matter.
We treat matter as inert even though the most ancient books of knowledge Vedas (literally means ocean of knowledge) told us that matter has unsuspected vitality.
Since the Vedas contain harmonized spiritual and material knowledge, it may be useful to know what Risis (metaphysicists) and Munnies (wandering sages) of yore told us for the welfare of mankind of all ages.
Atharva Veda tells O’ man: seek all means to know the meaning of Life, for without knowing it you will be lost, wandering from birth to birth, receiving knock after knock…. For knowing this the Supreme Soul Parmatma provided you with Soul (Atma)- an omniscient principle containing a-priori knowledge. 
Rig Vedas further tells us the Purpose of Human Birth is to assist the Supreme Architect (Viswaskarma) in the maintenance of His Grand wondrous Design. Vedas therefore, advise become divine bureaucrats of God to save this divine planet from social, moral and physical pollution. Owing to evil thoughts when hydra headed corruption with nine heads (Sama Veda) enters the firmament, waters and earth, pollution spreads like wild fire. Vedas remind us through the most famous Peace Prayer in Rig Veda : Shanti Prithvi, Shanti Raapa….”
Now we do not find spirit in trees, plants, waters, firmament etc in spite of having been proved by modern scientists 24 hours invisible mini/tiny machines working in over 100 sub-atomic particles owing to energy principle Spirit (Jeev) in Shuniya (void).
The earth is upheld by stationary Sun, sunrays which revolve like deer is protected by people following Rta (Cosmic Laws of Necessity). There is a prayer O men: collect heroes who will help in the preservation of land (RV 5-75-11). Vedas told the mankind that Earth (Prithvi) moves very fast on its subtle axle which does not get rusted and gives no jerks to animate and inanimate life/things. Earth produces medicinal herbs which make bodies of human beings and animals disease less.  (RV 5-74-3)
O Men: encourage medical sciences and other physical sciences based on matter which has unsuspected vitality and develop Artha (Economics) based on Dharma. Rtam, Satyam, Dharmmam- Rtam Laws of Nature are eternal truths (Satyam) and following these Rta is Vedic Dharma (Rig Veda).
Scientists (Ashvinau) should produce ships, aircrafts, electricity etc. for the welfare of mankind from the five Mahatatva earth, water, fire, air and ether (akash), which uphold our divine planet. These consist of infinite no of atoms- both subtle and gross (anu and kanu) born out of the eternal first cause. The primordial matter is spread like the light of the Sun and goes round the earth, sky as waves and wavicles (RV 5-47-2)
Lord Krishna tells “Me” as supervisor Prakrti (divine Nature) brings forth whole creation B-G 9-10, seeds only take shape when love of Prakrti, soil, matter is provided. Ignoring Earth and Prakrti (divine Nature) is to destroy ourselves. The care of the earth is entrusted to human beings. Vedic Rta is do not waste resources of the earth, follow path of moderation and iddm nan mmam- enlightened liberalism- nothing for self all for society.
By deviating from Vedas, the world has gained nothing. Now we are lost in discursive intellectual discussions to prove “ones material arguments are superior to others.”
Revive Vedas and see the magical effect of our benign Mother Earth smiling once again.

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