Thursday, October 13, 2011

After what Prashant Bhushan said, Do you still consider him to be a Patriot?

Is there any difference between what Arundhati Roy said and Prashant Bhushan said.

Is there any difference between what Kashmiri Terrorists demand and Prashant Bhushan's Views?

Should we still allow him to represent us as Civil Society Member?

In response to a question, Prashant Bhushan, said that they were mulling to file a petition in Indian Supreme Court to seek punishment for the troops and police personnel involved in the killing of 118 Kashmiris in 2010. He said that the petition would also seek release of the President of High Court Bar Association of Kashmir, Mian Qayoom and General Secretary, Ghulam Nabi Shaheen.

“The cases of persons killed in custody and those who have disappeared need to be investigated and the guilty personnel must be punished,” Bhushan said. He added that they would urge the Indian government to set up a high-level judicial committee headed by Chief justice of India to probe into the arrests and killings of innocent people in Kashmir.

Prashant had reportedly said that the Kashmiri people should be given 'azadi' if they don't want to live with India. He had also reportedly recommended that withdrawl of Indian army from Kashmir.

Why should we allow such people with Patriotic Mask in the Real Patriotic Movement led By Anna Hazare???

It is the time for all the patriotic Indians to raise voice against those so called intellectuals who are voicing anti-India views taking advantage of our constitutional right "Freedom of Expression".

We all know Punjab's situation before normalcy restored and also know how peaceful Kashmir was before 80s. If it is not for external divisive forces Kashmir would still have been Paradise rather than a lost one.

Instead of concentrating on how to tackle such divisive forces these intellectuals are spending their energies on splitting this nation once again. Some of these intellectuals are taking the advantage they gained due to their presence in the patriotic movement led by Anna Hazare to voice these Anti-Indian Views and Demands.

Considering his aides view, Anna Hazare should also clarify his stand on Kashmir.

One wonders why either these intellectuals and Media never bother to even remember the plight of those Kashmiri Pundits who are suffering still in those unhygienic camps out side Kashmir.

It is sad to see the silent majority in India who never ever raise their voice against such evil forces who take advantage of this silence.

It is time to rise or it will be too late. These divisive forces are influencing Congress led UPA government, which is already spineless, to accept these demands of Kashmir division and weakening our own security forces by removing their powers.

Save Kashmir or India will be headless.

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